empire of precious memories

I’ve told you my main goal has always been to discover myself. But I didn’t explain you my ways. Mainly I’m focusing on the inside, carefully reading my reactions, following the pattern and figuring out the structure. Obviously there is no formula for this and I must confess sometimes life pushes you too hard you lost the pattern and became a wanderer in the chaos. Yet all we have to remember is not everyone who wander is lost. As I started to understand myself more I’ve come to a conclusion that I am here to cherish love, life and every little blessing it serves to me. Like mamma nature, health, beautiful people surrounding me… I appreciated every little bit of it then couldn’t help but notice the growing love surrounding me. Appreciation, so simple yet with such a powerful energy. When you give good to the earth, God, universe whatever you want to call it, it simply gives you back. Friends, family, patients even nature feeds me with positive energy.
I knew that I was beloved.
Yet some things are supposed to happen beyond our understanding. What I am trying to say is don’t be upset when you experience a bad feeling. Life is intricately engraved and sometimes we just can’t envision what links us to what. Keep having faith, keep digging yourself, keep cherishing! This year I got the most amazing present of my life. The biggest prize. A real blessing. Significant other. I wish you all find him/her as the feeling is beyond words can describe. And the serenity it gives is deep, quite deep. I appreciate what we have every day, every night. I also know from now on I carry big responsibilities on my shoulder. I am given so much, I shall give much more to the universe to express my gratitude. Also, give my love, joy, support, care to him to express my sincerity. As you can guess this journal is not mine but also his. Our wish is to create an empire of precious memories. To him, as long as I breathe.


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