Yesterday Emre and I went to Prince’s islands again. You must have figured it out we love running from the big city life in every chance we get. So yeah yesterday was runaway kind of day. I had found the perfect casual floral dress for our trip. We took the boat to the island, walked miles while admiring beautiful mansions, stroking puppies here and there, turn over plum trees with a motto “travel more & explore more”. We tanned a bit then he managed to persuade me to climb to the giant rock in Kalpazankaya. I was fearfull at first but managed to reach the top with my gentleman’s help. Whoa!

We saw people walking among trees, wondered where were they going. Of course Emre was curious about it so after climbing we decided to explore. We followed the trace and reached a serene meadow like place. Some were doing yoga, some were having a picnic. It was peaceful and calming…

But with an empty stomach how long one can rest? We headed to the port where we had reservation for dinner.

Last time we were so pleased with the food and the service that we made reservation to Adaykeyf Restaurant again. They are kind and lovely island people, service is fast but food..Food is beyond excellent! Crouqet, seabass, jumbo shrimp with butter, octopus tentacles are my faves. Oh we drank raki which is a Turkish alcohol with  %40 alcohol content and aniseed flavour. Life is better than ever with raki and Emre 😁😎✌🏼️






Dress: Zara

Loafers: Massimo Dutti

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